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Check this out for a vivid complexion

Great to hear your tips for skin health @femmed because we sell only all-natural, crueltry-free skin care products. -->>
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Two is Better Than One!

Two is better than one, and loving yourself while loving your partner is the ultimate companionship. And what bettter way to love yourself, then to pamper you and your loved one at the spa or in your home? "Couple" up your favorite Vivid MD Skincare products to get the best results for soft and touchable skin. Order from now till the 2/29/16, and receive a free 3 mini nail file keychain with any purchse.
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Perfection C for perfect skin!

My personal favorite product is the Perfection C Serum. I use it daily and nightly underneath the Balancing Moisture Cream to get the full benefits of hydration that my skin oh so craves! Perfection C contains 10% Vitamins C, E and A combined with a unique blend of ingredients including chamomile, ginger, lavender, green tea, lemongrass, almond oil and evening primrose oil. This serum is a favorite amongst jet-setters whose skin is exposed to dry air and UV rays, or like myslef, someone who just has naturally dry skin. It is an effective tool against fine lines and reduces the vivisble signs of aging. The result: smoother, toned, brighter and younger looking skin. Yes, please!
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